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Black Ghost Knife Fish Behaving Oddly

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Does anyone know why my Black Ghost is behaving like this? It's going around and around on broad daylight. Normally it stays hidden in the plants or under some rock and only comes out when it's dark. But now, it's going around in circles.

It seems to have a scratch or peeled coating on the side of its body. It was recently hit by a bad case of the Ich. It has only been 4 days since he was cleared of white spots. I treated the white spot breakout with mebendazole, metronidazole, salt and heated water successfully. The Black Ghost was still healthy after the treatment and then I had a 50% water change and added half a dose of Angel Drops StressOut. And then it started acting like this.

Here's the video.

All the other fishes seems to be acting normally. It has been 2 days since the water change and Black Ghost acting this way. I just made another 50% water change today with just anti-chlorine.

Does anyone have any experience with this product, Angel Drops - StressOut? I'm suspecting this is the culprit. I've had another black ghost death about a year ago, and StressOut was my suspect but I was not so sure, since it was a new tank, new sand, new filter and completely new water. So I was thinking it could be that there were chemicals in the sand or the glass of the tank. But I'm really beginning to conclude it was the StressOut that killed that black ghost (which I had for more than a year).

This is what's written in the back of the bottle: (verbatime including the typos)

ANGEL DROPS StressOut is the ideal liquid solution for fresh water and salt water fish. It promotes healing of wound aid penetration and absorpotion of other bioactive indredients into damage tissues. Plus it is the effective stress reducer for fish. Stress due to transportation, fish shipment decorations, making a water change, handling or netting, or adding new fish to a tank. Study showed that Angel Drops StressOut with natural Aloe Vera helps fish in the healing process in reducing the size of wounds and replacing the natural slime coating of fish. This potent formula not only eases stress, cure or heal wounded or damage fish skin and tissue but also removes and detoxifies heavy metals such as zinc, copper, lead rust, etc. And it neutralizes ammonia, Nitrite, cholramine, chlorin in seconds. And also bring out the true color of the fish naturally. Plus it acts as a liquid bandage in helping your pet fish (ornamental, tropical, rare show fish) to be active and healthy.


  • To promote healing of skin wounds, torn fins, scale inflammation: add 2 tablespoons for each 10 gallons.
  • To bring out the true color of your pet fish: add 2-1/2 tablespoons for each 10 gallons.
  • To remove chlorine and neutralize toxic heavy metals: add 3 tablespoons for each 10 gallons


saweverything   Our gold fishes react the same way, also when i had neon tetras parang nahihilo and usually it's because of water change. And as with my experience, eventually they die.
February 9, 2011, 5:06 pm
anzenxxii   nakupow. na-overdose ata ng gamot yung BGK mo. sensitive sa mga gamot ang scaleless fish like BGK. normally enough na ang salt and increased temp of 30-32C for ich eh. WC immediately, increase water temp to 30-32 if may ich pa, then provide proper aeration.

malamang po sa overdose ng medications rin kinamatayan ng dating BGK mo sir. please note po sir na lahat ng scaleless fish ay sensitive to any medication.
February 9, 2011, 9:53 pm
dark_knights_99   nasabi na nya lahat ng info.
word of advice nalang, kapag may isda ka na scaless dapat iwas ka sa paglagay ng mga gamot coz nakakasunog ng balat ng isda yun (knife fish, lungfishes stc.) best was to treat scaless fish is put salt and use heater in your tank.
February 9, 2011, 11:41 pm
Marcel   Actually. Hindi gamot yung StressOut eh. Parang vitamins lang siya. Nakasulat sa bottle promotes healing of wounds. Linagay ko na nga half-dosage nung nakaindicate sa bottle eh. Meron na ho ba nakatry sa inyo nitong StressOut ng Angel Drops on a Black Ghost?
February 10, 2011, 8:01 am
OMGFISH   Make sure u check your amonia, nitrate, ph level, etc. Also how much do you feed him and the stress out I believe is the trickit. Never trust anything in your tank unless if it is the fish, water, conditioner, food, and some small decorations. Don't like really big decorations as they are hard to clean. Sometimes hurt the fish. And also has chemical damage in ur tank. Good luck though. Also suggest to take the stress out stuff out. If u want him to calm down put him in a dark room for a while. Or the tank without the light itself. Good luck
February 10, 2011, 8:38 am
Bardledoo   taken from some page i read about the black ghost.

Owners should be careful when medicating their fish tanks with Black Ghost Knife Fish inside. Since the fish are scaleless, they react differently to medication than fish with scales. They are more sensitive, so the doses of medication should be halved as to not endanger the Black Ghost Knife Fish.
February 10, 2011, 8:42 am
Bardledoo   maybe it would have been bether to djust raise the temperature to get ridd of ich, i have gotten ridd of ich by doing that on other fish earlyer, runned 48 hours so the ich died, then i set temperature back to normal and within a week all ich is gone, it would be some left on fish after 48 hours also probably but it will be dead and fall off within a week.
probably not safe to raise temperature eather but maybe bether on this fish than the medicin.
February 10, 2011, 8:43 am
Marcel   Hi. StressOut is like a vitamin solution. I've already made 2 50% water changes 8 hours apart. To lessen the StressOut on the water. Still moving about though. I really hope he survives this. I worked too hard to rid him of the ich, just to be killed by some bad vitamin product in the recovery process.
February 10, 2011, 8:43 am
teddscau   It could be the StressOut, but he might have got a secondary infection. He could have a number of problems. Flukes, velvet, etc. Maybe you should dim the lights in the tank to help calm him down. I'd like to get one of those cute ghost knives but I have too many tanks. By the way, do you feed him live foods? It's risky feeding with those. It's best to feed frozen, freeze-dried, and pelleted foods to decrease the risk of disease. Do you have a good hiding place for him? He might be outgrowing it or something.
February 10, 2011, 8:58 am
Marcel   Hi Ted. Yeah, that's possible. I did feed him live blood worms before the Ich breakout. But the Ich he got from a new fish I put into the tank. I was so confident about the fish store I bought it from (which I bought most of my fishes all my life without any problems) I forgot to isolate them first.

But the mebendazole and metronidazole solution also cures parasites, so I'm guessing the tank is free of these diseases. And also the other fishes don't have any problems.

Yup, he still does have a lot of hiding place, and when I turned off all the lights, the behavior didn't change.

February 10, 2011, 9:07 am
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